They Finally Let Family Cat Meet Baby For The First Time, Let The Laughter Begin

As new parents, you are always given the warnings that “babies and animals don’t mix”.  Or “you better be careful with the cat”.  The warning may be unwarranted like so many other words of advice you are given during this time.  Even if you receive these warnings you were probably already aware that you should be cautious and introduce the new family member slowly.

The parents filmed 10-month-old Sadie just as she wakes up from a nap.  They decided that they would introduce the family cat to her while she was still in her crib. So they slowly put the cat down into the crib holding on to it.    The cat doesn’t seem to mind being held.  As most animal lovers I get beyond excited when I see a cat, dog or any other cute little animal.  Probably not as excited as little Sadie is to meet her new lifelong friend.

Much to their surprise, as soon as she lays eyes on the family cat she starts to laugh in the cutest way imaginable before losing it completely.  I know I was giggling by the end there is nothing better than baby laughs and (puppy breath!)

If this video doesn’t make you smile, we have no idea what will! Share with friends and make them smile a little today.

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