Cat owner shares amazing photos of her giant Maine Coon, this is one cool cat

Cats come in many sizes. There are the tiny cats that just weigh a few pounds as adults. And then there are the Maine Coons which are the giants of the cat world. Maine Coons are the largest of all domestic cat breeds. They are big boned and muscular cats. Male Maine Coons can weigh up to 18 pounds. These big cats are well equipped for cold weather with their long, shaggy multilayered coats. They also have large paws that help them walk on the snow.

With Maine Coons being such magnificent and large cats, you can probably guess that owners of these incredible animals may want to share some photos of them on social media. One lady that goes by the name of Lindstein on her Instagram account has shared some adorable and stunning photos of her Maine Coon named Lotus. Lotus and Lindstein presently have 192K followers.

Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the photos that Lindstein has shared of Lotus.

Cooking Is Always More Fun With A Buddy

I wonder what’s for dinner.

Would You Take A Cat Nap With A Cat Like Lotus?

Imagine the purring that would go on with a cat of this size.

Lotus Is Both An Outdoor and Indoor Cat.

What A Stunning Outdoor Photo This Is. You can just see from Lotus’s coat that he is built for any kind of weather.

Lotus Just Can’t Take A Bad Photo

I don’t know about you, but my hair doesn’t look this good on a windy day. Does yours?

A Gentle Giant

Maine Coons are said to be the dog of the cat world. They often behave more like man’s best friend when it comes to playing. They also prefer to spend the majority of their time on the ground as opposed to many other types of cats that like to climb and be up high.

Such A Handsome Fellow

Just look at that face.

Even Noble Cats Like Lotus Can Be Silly

Lotus probably just got a taste of some snow, but it also looks like he’s sticking his tongue out just to be a clown.

Does Lotus Make You Smile?

Now, this is a pose you won’t see many cats make. If these photos of Lotus made you smile, make sure to share this with a friend. You never know. It may be just the pick-me-up that someone needs in their day.

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