Cat Brings a Special Friend Home – Who Follows Will Melt Your Heart

As a rule, the cat flap on the front door is for cats. It’s not normal for dogs unless they’re small enough. That is rarely the case, and they can’t quite squeeze through one the way a cat can. So imagine the surprise of this cat’s owner when a special friend followers their cat through the flap!

Not everyone grabs their cameras when a deer waltzes through the front door. I for one would have the proverbial deer-in-the-headlights look. The video recorded starts out normal – a cat walking through the flap on the front door. Nothing interesting seems to be happening. But then, as the owner sat by the door, they heard something else coming through the door. They weren’t quite sure what was happening.

Special Friend Indeed!

The cat flap is slowly pushed open, and the most unlikely head popped through. You think it’s going to be another cat, possibly a wild animal like a raccoon – nope, the head of a baby deer pops in!

That’s right… A fawn makes its way into the living room.

Image via screencapture from video via Rumble

He pushes his way through the cat flap and stares straight at the camera. Once he’s standing up, he takes in his interesting surroundings. Wait, what’s going on? It turns out the house cat has adventures. This time he decided to befriend a baby deer while out and about.

The deer must have decided, “hey this little fellow is interesting!” and followed the cat home. The cat flap gives ones pet a bit more freedom to roam outside of the actual house. Sometimes surprises will happen if the house is located in the countryside. As it turns out, in this case, the cats’ special friend is very interested in the owner. It is unexpected and pretty funny! Check out the video below!

What would you do if your pet brought an animal friend home?

Featured Image via screencapture by PetTube via Rumble.

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