Cat can’t stop sneezing at the shelter but nobody will adopt him


Not all animals have normal healthy lives. In fact, so many cats and dogs living in shelters have health problems. This means when they get adopted by a loving family, they need extra care and support. Elliot, a nine-year-old male tabby cat, unfortunately, suffers from health problems. Now he needs a family more than ever.

The largest shelter in the U.K., Cats Protection, is looking to find Elliot a home. But it has been an extremely hard process due to his medical problems. The poor kitty has chronic rhinitis, a disease that makes him sneeze a lot. Tania Marsh a manager at the shelter mentions,


“Elliott is definitely very snuffly and his condition means he has some damage to the bones in his nose. But, this doesn’t bother him and he is a happy, affectionate chap.”

The shelter is trying extremely hard to get Elliot a home. Although he has medical issues, it does not mean he cannot be a good pet. Elliot would be great for any home. The shelter writes,

“If I could spend all day on your lap, I would! I also like to put my paws around your neck and have a proper cuddle.”



Many people at the shelter believe he would be a great outdoor cat. Later the shelter comments,


“We think his condition has put off some people from adopting him, which is a shame as would make a lovely pet. We’re looking for a patient owner who can give Elliott the loving home he desperately needs. He would love a garden to explore and sunbathe in this summer”


If people could look past Elliot’s problems, and notice his awesome personality, that would be amazing. Elliot deserves a home. Please share this article with friends in hopes of getting Elliot to a new home.

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