Freezing Cat Gets Stuck On Fence–Rescuer Notices A Huge Problem

Often, animals getting stuck outside in the cold always ends with a bad situation. Of course, they have their fur. But, the weather gets way too cold for these sweet animals, and they need to be brought inside.

On a cold February morning, Cassie went outside. What she saw shocked her. Among her fence, she saw a pretty cat on top of it covered in snow.

At first look, Cassie thought this seemed pretty normal. After all, cats seem to always be climbing on something, and sometimes they like the cold for a little bit.

At a closer look, Cassie realized the cat got stuck on the fence!

Luckily, she didn’t seem frozen to the fence. Because of the deep snow, the cat became frightened of jumping down. If she jumped, she could become stuck in the snow and not able to get out.

After seeing this frightened kitty, Cassie helped the cat down. The kitty had every right to be afraid of getting stuck in the snow. That’s when she found out there was another big problem: this cat was pregnant!

Cassie realized the cat was extremely close to giving birth. She needed to act fast. Rushing inside, she called Here Kitty Kitty Rescue. HKKR arrived just in time. Almost immediately after their arrival, the cat went into labor.

She gave birth to four tiny kittens, scared and mewling, but in a warm and comforting environment thanks to Cassie.

“She really is amazing. She’s great for conversations and cuddles! Purrs constantly.”

Now, HKKR holds the family in foster care. There they will stay until they get old enough to be adopted. And who wouldn’t want these adorable little fluffy jellybeans? We hope that someone will adopt them all together! After all, who wouldn’t want 5 cats? The more the merrier!

We are so happy Cassie helped these five felines! Share if you are too!

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