Cat Is Trapped On Bed in Flood Waters For 11 Days His Survival Skills Are Incredible

As Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas, the storm left a lot of devastation in its wake for not only the humans, but for pets too.  Countless animals lost their lives and many became trapped as they waited for help.  One little kitten is making headlines for waiting 11 days for someone to rescue him from a house filled with flood waters.

Rudy, the kitten had gone 11 days without food.  The only water he had was the flood waters to drink. Rudy was trapped on the highest point in the room which was the bed.  The waters had reached almost the top of the bed, but enough room was left for the kitten to sit there. And sit there he did for 11 days straight without food nor companionship.  Help arrived for Rudy in the form of caring people at The Big Sky Ranch/CATNIP Foundation.

Rudy was scared and hungry when rescuers reached him.  After being given food and proper fluids, the kitten was then reunited with his family.

Rudy Is Reunited With His Family

Withdrew Lee was happy to see his kitty again.  He wrote the following thank you letter to the rescuers:  “I would like to thank the heroes of Big Sky Ranch/CATNIP Foundation for saving my parent’s cat Rudy last night from a flooded house. They risked their own safety in a dangerously flooded area to make our family whole again! Thank you!”

If you’d like to help support the Big Sky Ranch/CATNIP Foundation, please visit their Facebook page.  This organization works tirelessly to provide for displaced pets after disasters.

Big Sky Ranch is an organic ranch dedicated to helping people, animals, and the environment.  Their primary focus is felines though they also take in rabbits, dogs, horses, and donkeys.

But first watch this video of the dramatic rescue of Rudy, the kitten who was trapped in Hurricane Harvey floodwaters for 11 days.

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