Cat Walks 12 Miles Back to His Family — He's Heart Broken When He Arrives

Toby, the cat, showed the utmost loyalty to his family. However, they did not reciprocate. Toby’s original owners gave their 7-year-old cat to a family member. They didn’t expect him to miss his family and walk 12 miles back to them. Unfortunately, he was met with heartbreak.

“When he arrived, he was met with heartbreak. The family he thought had loved him took him to a shelter and asked staff to euthanize him,” said the SPCA of Wake County, NC, in a Facebook post.

Thank you all who shared Toby’s story earlier this week. Toby is safe here at the SPCA Pet Adoption Center waiting to find his forever home. He would prefer to be the only cat in his home. We hope his story inspired you to take a stand for animals in need and register for the 2018 SPCA Dog Walk on May 6th.

Posted by SPCA of Wake County on Friday, April 6, 2018

Toby The Cat Becomes The Face Of The SPCA.

He was very lucky that the shelter his family had taken him to refused to follow the order to euthanize him. They called the SPCA in Raleigh instead. They put him up for adoption immediately. Even his story went viral, and people all over social media began to condemn his original family.

Another stated that the incident “also proves that cats are just as loyal as dogs.”

Thankfully, Toby’s story has a happy ending; the SPCA announced that Toby the cat was to be adopted! “He has three new siblings (one feline and two human) and a cat-savvy mom to show him what a loving family is really like,” they said.

Image via screen capture from website We Love Animals

Even better, he was adopted on Friday the 13th!

“The shelter called us at the SPCA to ask if we could take him in and help him find a new family,” they wrote. “Of course we said YES!”

Promotion Of The Feline Kind

Since his story hit social media, the SPCA has been using Toby’s story to promote “Woofstock” – a dog walk!

Image via screen capture from website We Love Animals

“If he is willing to walk 12 miles to save his life, will you walk ONE to save thousands of animals like Toby?” officials wrote on Facebook. “Sign-up today.”

Thankfully there are still good people out there to take in unwanted pets. Toby is in good hands and had a happy ending! Check out the news report below.

Featured Image via screen capture from website We Love Animals

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