Cat Was Missing For 9 Days After Reuniting They Can’t Believe He Survived


When his home was destroyed in the catastrophic Woolsey Fire which raged across Southern California, Hamish Patterson, better known as “The Illusion,” on YouTube was understandably devastated. But the beloved internet celebrity, whose is followed by more than 70,000 subscribers, wasn’t upset at the material things his family had lost. He was worried about his adorable black cat, Mike, who’d been missing for nine days. The Pattersons were forced to leave, but couldn’t find their kitty.


The Woolsey Fire is one of the most devastating in California's history
Patterson, confronting the devastation left by the fire. Screenshot by hamishpatterson high frequency tribe via YouTube video

Fire Separates Cat From His Family


His family lost their home to fire once before, in 1993, when the place he calls “Rainbow Mountain” was charred by fire, ColeAndMarmalade notes. Now the once beautiful setting in the hills surrounding Malibu, California is studded with rubble and blackened by fire once again.

“The skillet made it,” he says picking up a cast-iron skillet in the video below. “That’s the irony. I am going to cook some food in this thing.”

Fire devastated hundreds of homes
The fire completely destroyed the Patterson family home. Screenshot by hamishpatterson high frequency tribe via YouTube video

The fire split up the family as well, with Patterson staying with his young son Owl in Santa Monica. Wife Blythe and his step-daughter Georgie stayed with Blythe’s mom in Los Angeles.


Then fate took a happy turn


Kind neighbors discovered Mike, an indoor/outdoor kitty who’s a bit on the skittish side. They weren’t able to catch him, so they offered him food and water to help him survive TheAnimalRescueSite reports.

“Mike the mini-puma outsmarted the fire! Neighbors spotted him today and we are feeding him until we can get to him, which could be for days. Keep Mike in your prayers as he is part of our family.”

And when he was finally reunited with Mike, Patterson couldn’t hold back tears.


Mike is reunited with his family after the fire
Hamish and step-daughter Georgie are thrilled to see Mike again. Screenshot by hamishpatterson high frequency tribe via YouTube video
It's amazing that Mike survived the fire
Patterson breaks into tears as he and Georgie hug their sweet kitty. Screenshot by hamishpatterson high frequency tribe via YouTube video

“We found the cat,” he says through tears. “My kitty made it. My kitty survived this.”

The Woolsey fire is now fully contained


But the rapacious fire raged across more than 96,000 acres earlier this month, CalFire reports. It destroyed more than 1600 structures, killed three people and scores of animals. So seeing Hamish Patterson and his family reunited with this lovable cat is heartwarming.


The fire was devastating, but everyone in the Patterson family is now safe and sound
Patterson with his son Owl, and Mike at another residence in Santa Monica. Screenshot by hamishpatterson high frequency tribe via YouTube video

“How happy are you that he’s home?” Patterson asks Owl. “I don’t know how he survived the fire. That amazes me. And the fact that he survived up there for nine days.”

The fire didn't destroy this family
These guys are so happy that their kitty is safe! Screenshot by hamishpatterson high frequency tribe via YouTube video

Patterson, whose videos have been viewed more than 10 million times,  is grateful to the kind neighbors who cared for Mike when he was unable to rescue his kitty. Without their care, Mike probably wouldn’t have survived.


“God does answer prayers, and this is what I prayed for this morning,” Patterson says. “I had been up there shaking the little cat shaker for about 15 minutes. I had kind of given up hope…and who shows up, but Mike.”

The Woolsey Fire and Camp Fire devastated so much of California in November. Anyone who wishes to donate to help animals impacted by these fires can check out GoFundMe. 


We’re happy that Mike is safe and reunited with his family again. Let’s hope other pets affected by the fires are just as lucky. You can watch the heartwarming video below.



Featured image by hamishpatterson high frequency tribe via YouTube video

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