Cats and Cardboard, 5 Reasons They Love Them So Much

Who doesn’t love watching cats play with boxes?  I can almost guarantee that you have caught your cat with a cardboard box.  There are actual reasons:   biological and instinctual reasons why cats love cardboard.

A cat’s love for cardboard is so legendary that there are thousands and thousands of photos and memes of cats playing with boxes.  Many of the pictures show a cat that just decided that lying in a box is better than lying anywhere else.  So why do they love them so much?  Why is cardboard so special?

#1  Even domesticated cats have an ambush hunter instinct. 

As much as boxes are great for hiding, they’re also great for sneaking up on prey.  If you have multiple cats, you may catch a cat peering over the edge of a box waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting brother or sister.

#2 Hiding

Boxes are amazing places to hide from predators.   Cats feel safe when they’re in boxes.  Mostly,  because they think they can’t be snuck up on if they can feel all sides of the box pressed against their body even if their tail is hanging over the edge.

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