Cat's dramatic reactions make him famous across the Internet

Ah Fei is a cute tabby cat that has become an internet sensation because of his cute reactions. Ah Fei means fat in Mandarin.  Fat is just one word to describe this cute feline, but he’s also funny and very expressive with his reactions to stimuli such as feathers in his face.

Tang Chang is Ah Fei’s human. They live in Jiangsu China which is where Chang captured all of these cute cat photos for all to enjoy. Most of the expressions are caught while Chang dangles a feather in front of Ah Fei’s face.

This photo looks like Ah Fei has a knife

Scared cat or animated kitty?

Fast Feet!

Awe. Now there is a happy and content kitty. And all dressed up too.

Feathers can be scary. Or maybe this is just a cat using his imagination.

Look at that adorable face. If a human did that it wouldn’t be so cute.

Ears back usually mean this is serious business

May be a little bit puzzled

Oh no! I hope he’s not sad. This cat has so many adorable expressions.

Ah Fei appears to not be amused by the antics of these other animals.

Those Eyes! So Cute!

He looks like he’s about to pounce on something here.

Fat cat or pleasingly plump?

I hope that you enjoyed these photos. Ah Fei sure has a wide range of expressions. Maybe these photos have inspired some people to take more pet photos and share them. Playtime for cats means enrichment for their brains. Make sure to not scare your cat when you play, but rather keep the games fun and lighthearted. And above all else, make sure to share them for all to enjoy. Daily life can be stressful. For many people, just looking at a cute animal photo, can decrease stress and bring about feelings of contentedness. So start taking those photos and let’s get sharing.

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