Couple Went To Visit Cats And This Kitty Wouldn't Let Them Go

After visiting a local adoption center, this cat though this couple was quite the keeper. The cat clutched onto the woman and refused to let her go.

Before heading home, they gave the kitty some love and cuddles. As soon as Jessica took the kitty out, the kitten wrapped around her and buried himself in her shoulder.

The sweet cat held on so tightly and rubbed his face against hers.

With a needy 19-year-old cat at home already, the family feels like the old cat would not cope with the new cat.

It broke their hearts to know that they couldn’t take the cat home but they wanted to try to help him get adopted.

“He’s been there for two weeks because apparently he isn’t good with other animals or kids. I wanted him so bad and I wanted to name him ‘Clutch’,” Jessica wrote via Facebook.

The couple posted a video on Facebook hoping to find the kitty a home.

Check out the video:

won’t let the fiance go

at the pet store, this cat wouldn’t let go of @Andy Brumagen’s we finallly made contact with is very important to understand that this couple (as we stated before) had legitimate reasons for not taking the cat home.this is andy’s most important message to us:”We have a 19 year old cat who constantly strives for love and affection and would probably get very depressed and die if we brought another animal home and I can’t risk losing my current cat just yet. We also have a toddler. We were told by the store that he isn’t good with other animals or children. So, that’s the reason why we couldn’t take him unfortunately. I didn’t tell her no. We both have the same reason on why we cou lent take him in as much as we wanted too. He has found a home as of today though and will be going home to a loving family…”we see no reason to be angry at or mean to andy or his fiance, Jessica.they had a heart thouching moment with this kitty baby and that’s all there is to that this story had a good ending and the cat has a home – we need to be thankful and heartful to people like andy and jessica.if jessica wasn’t a good cat person, the cat wouldn’t cling on to her like that.

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