“New State Law” will allow pets to be buried right beside their owners in a human cemetery


We know that no one likes to think about the death of their pet. However, we have some great news for pet lovers out there. Before now, when a pet passed away, you have three options — a pet cemetery, the backyard, or cremation. With the new law just passed in New York State, though, you may have more options opening up than you think.


One thing you may not know is that before now, humans could choose to be buried beside their pet in the pet cemetery. Well, New Yorkers said since that was the case, we should think about it the other way around. Surely, we should allow pets in the human cemetery, right?

Image CC0 from jenniferva via Pixabay

Luckily, the state lawmakers agreed. Now, in New York, you can choose to have your pet spend eternity in a cemetery right by your side. It’s not limited to cats and dogs, either. The law covers a whole range of other animals, as well.


Of course, pet owners here in New York are delighted. However, if you are like me and you live in the state, there are a couple of exemptions. For example, religious cemeteries can opt out if they choose to do so. Additionally, any cemetery can still choose to refuse to bury any pets there. So, you definitely want to check before you make any concrete plans.

cemetery photo of statue of a dog in a cemetery
Image CC0 from GailRuben  via Pixabay

If you think this is an amazing idea, you aren’t alone. According the the Animal Rescue Site, a pet cemetery in Westchester County reported that each year, at least five people choose to be buried there. Most of us understand that our pets are our family.


Now, we know that currently, this is only an option in New York. However, we also know that once one state does something like this, others tend to follow suit.

If you want a law like this where you live, it’s pretty simple. Just get on the phone to one of your state Representatives. Explain to them what happened here in New York, and ask for the same thing in your state.

Share this with your friends to let them know about this exciting news and see if you can get them on board to demand the same where you live.

Featured Image CC BY-SA 2.0 from Ryan Hyde via Flickr

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