Chance the Service Dog Goes Missing, Family Needs Everyone's Help

Dogs make great companions, but a service dog is even more than that; they are protectors and helpers. Their training makes them prime candidates for helping mentally and physically disabled people.

When Chance, a Bernese Mountain Dog, was adopted into the Zamora family, they were extremely excited. The reasoning behind this was because Debi Zamora, the mother, has a son named Ashton. Ashton suffers from autism and often needs help throughout his life. When Ashton gets overwhelmed he has a tendency to run away and get lost. Chance’s job is to prevent this from happening.

Recently, Chance went missing during the families move from house to house. The 100-pound service dog went missing on September 11th. This occurred at their new house. The fence was mysteriously left open. Debi is extremely concerned because she thinks that Chance would have stayed in the backyard or at least came home by now. She thinks there’s a possibility that someone took him from their backyard in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Debi and her family are absolutely desperate to find their beloved pet. Ashton’s life depends on Chance’s arrival. She has posted so many photos around the neighborhood and on social media in order to get her dog back. She commented,

“Chance just needs to come home where he belongs. He needs to help his little boy.”

Chance is a very special service dog. He was trained for 18 months to serve Ashton. With Chance missing, the family is in constant worry for Ashton and Chance. The family asks that if you have any information about the service dog to report it to them immediately. They are very desperate and in need of his return.

Make sure to share this story with friends and anyone in the Clarksville, Tennessee area. This family would greatly appreciate your help and tips. Let’s find Chance!

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