Check Out This Adorable Puppy Who Has A Unique Feature


I think that most animal lovers would agree that all puppies are just downright cute. But once in a while, a puppy comes along that has some feature that makes him or her out of this world adorable. Such is the case for one puppy at Dallas Animal Services who has a very distinct feature.



Salvador Dolly got her name from a pattern of coloring around her face that looks just like a mustache. The dark stache goes from one side of her mouth to the other. She is a part of a litter of 11 who hope to get forever homes.





Allison Seelig of Hearts & Bones Rescue explained, “It’s puppy season in Dallas right now and there are always multiple moms with litters at the shelter. Dallas Animal Services, a shelter with the 3rd highest number of animal intakes in the entire country, […] took in mama and her 11 babies as strays and cared for them for 2 weeks, but puppies are at a very high risk of getting sick in the shelter environment, so we knew we had to get them out. Thankfully, within a week, the 12 dogs were in foster care and out of the shelter.




“The whole family is now relaxing in a comfy and safe home,” Alison updated. She also said that the puppies are presently only 5 weeks old and are still nursing while receiving medical care.




Donations Are Always Welcome And Needed


“Caring for a family of 12 is very costly, so donations would be a huge help to us right now,” Seelig said. She hoped that people would reach out and help fund the care for this family of puppies and others in their care.




Allison explained how their rescue operates. “Once our dogs leave the shelter, we send them to foster homes in the Dallas area for a couple of weeks to ensure they’re healthy, and then transport them to NYC, where the number of people wanting to adopt dogs is incredibly high!” Allison said.



In conclusion, if you would like to donate to help Salvador Dolly and her family, click here.


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