Check Out Why This Cloud Is Reminding People That All Dogs Do Go To Heaven


When a pet passes away, there can be a great sadness that the owner experiences. It’s easy to get very attached to our pets because they share our lives with us. And we share our lives with them. So it’s natural to wonder if pets go to heaven or not. Some believe they do, while others doubt it. This writer is a Chrisitan who believes that they will be there restored to full health. But it’s still a debate among people of differing faiths. Even within the same faiths there is a debate. Let’s talk about and take a look at three amazing photos that give us hope that we will see our beloved pets again.


There is something just so beautiful and cheerful about this first photo. This photo has gone viral and captured the attention of pet lovers around the world. Some feel that it is proof that dogs are in heaven. But even if it’s just a really cool formation of clouds, it still gives us something to hope for and dream of.



This next photo makes me think that dogs in heaven are running free and happy. Just the thought that dogs that passed away due to sickness or who had a tough old age,  are now running free brings about so much of a joyful feeling. There will be no more sickness or pain there. What a wonderful thought.



Just take a look at this next photo. It looks like the dog is walking right on the mountain, but also in heaven. What an amazing shot!



Keep Your Cameras Ready


You never know when a cloud presents itself to look like something amazing such as our cherished pets. That’s why it’s important to keep a camera ready. With most people having cell phones nowadays, it certainly is much easier to have your camera ready. Most phones are equipped with taking photos. So be on the lookout! And if you capture one, make sure to share it with us all.



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