Cheech The Shelter Dog's Goofy Smile On Demand Charms Thousands To Fall In Love With Him

An adorable little pup, Cheech, came to be rescued and driven to the City of Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue Shelter in Waller, Texas. He shocked the whole staff with his amazing hidden talent!

The dog showed up at the shelter on Thursday and became a famous hit the next day after posting a few pictures of him and his cute little smile on Facebook.

Leah Sipe, the director of the shelter, and a police officer and that the shelter’s staff thought the dog was snarling. They quickly realized he was actually doing a funny little grin.

The best part about this is that they pup can smile on demand. He would make a great pet for somebody who likes to post their pup all over the internet.

His debut photo was this:

Over 6,000 people shared the post of this cute little pup since then. This homeless dog will be sure to find a loving home soon!

Countless applications came in to try and adopt the pup. The shelter finally selected a perfect match for him.

The Shelter posted to Facebook on Monday, with a photo of Cheech seeing his great new family:

“I reviewed the applications for Cheech, and one story stood out the most. Carrie reached out to the shelter volunteers and shared her heartbreaking loss with us, she lost her beloved Shepherd to cancer on Friday- since then her other dog (Dusty) pictured here, has been severely depressed and had not eaten in days”

Dusty who was grieving and Cheech who was smiling made the best of friends. He was the light at the end of the tunnel for Carrie and her dog.

While this dog has a forever home, the shelter searches daily to find homes for all the other pets as well.

We hope Cheech’s fame will help other animals find their home.  If you want to help share this story !

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