Chemical burns set this puppy up for a rough start


Some animals do not get an easy start to life. For Hope, she was one of these animals. Luckily for her, good people wanted to help.


When rescuers found Hope, a small puppy, she was in a dumpster behind an eatery in Newport, Tennessee. As if living life in a dumpster wasn’t bad enough, Hope also had chemical burns around her entire body. At 8 weeks old, clearly, her life was not easy or going well, until the kind volunteers at Friends Animal Shelter from Cocke County found her suffering. When rescuers brought the puppy back to the clinic, they came to find that Hope had chemical burns covering 60% of her body. Sadly, her ears and her tongue go the worst burns. The burns were so bad that they took her to another animal rescue called Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, North Carolina. When she arrived, there were tons of volunteers wanting to help the puppy get better. Everyone had Hope’s best interest at heart.


Elisha Henry, the director at Friends Animal Shelter explains the moment she met Hope:


“I literally sat at my desk and cried for half an hour and I called her Hope because that’s what she needed. She needed Hope.”

From then on, Hope was cared for all the time. Unfortunately, the clinic had to take off a part of her ear because it was burned so badly. Also, they had to flush her wounds out to make sure they stayed clean.
For now, Hope is still in the shelter. however, on the bright side, a local man has reached out in hopes of adopting Hope. Also, the county is trying to seek justice for the small pup. Police are looking for the evil person who this to her.

If you have any information, please reach out to the police. Animal abuse is not okay and it does not make their lives easy. So please share this to bring awareness to Hope’s story.

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