Chicken seemlessly works his way through homemade agility course–his final jump will have you laughing so hard!

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Most people have heard of dogs going through agility courses. Border Collies are just one of the many breeds that excel at obstacle courses, but have you ever heard of chickens doing agility courses? You will now once you read about this adorable girl and her pet chicken.


Screen Shot: YouTube/ DailyPicksandFlicks

Chickens can be some of the sweetest pets as you are about to see. They also can be taught to do tricks. Chickens show affection and have a unique way of communicating with their people. The girl that we are about to meet, has taught her chicken to go through an agility course in much the same way that a dog would go through it. Of course, it’s a mini-version of what a dog would go through, and a little slower too. Ok, a whole lot slower, but also a whole lot of cuteness.


Screen Shot: YouTube/ DailyPicksandFlicks

First, the chicken starts off by listening to the little girl call her up and down a ramp. The chicken follows the treats that the girl holds in front of her beak. Second, the hen goes around 3 miniature poles much like horses do in pole bending competition. Dogs also do this in agility competition. Finally, as a grand finale moment, the chicken jumps through a hoop.


Screen Shot: YouTube/ DailyPicksandFlicks

The Chicken’s Final Jump Was The Best!


The cheers from the girl holding the hoop and the girl leading the chicken, made me want to cheer along. This may just be one of the most adorable videos that have gone viral. Hopefully, it may inspire more people to keep chickens as pets. They require minimal care, and most breeds are very friendly if raised with kindness and human attention.


Take a look for yourself in this video. Would you like to have a chicken for a pet? Make sure to share this with your animal loving friends. The world needs more videos of chickens going through obstacle courses. Don’t you think so?



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