Chihuahua Won't Leave His Sick Best Friend It's Exactly What He Needed, Powerful Healing

The healing power that a warm and loving touch can have on humans is well documented.  People need to feel wanted and loved.  Animals share the same feeling.

One German Shepherd dog named Jericho knows first hand how important was for him to have a close friend by his side when he was feeling ill. Jericho and his dog pal, a chihuahua named Jefe were surrendered to the Arizona Humane Society.  Not only did both dogs just lose their home, but Jerico was severely ill and fighting for his life.

Arizona Humane Society

“From the moment they were rescued, it was clear that Jefe and Jericho were best friends,” Ashleigh Goebel, from the shelter explained, “Animal rescuers were surprised to find a sick, malnourished, tick-infested German shepherd, Jericho, with a small Chihuahua enduringly lying on top of him when they arrived at the scene.”

Arizona Humane Society

Jefe Panicked When They Tried To Take Jericho Away For Treatment

Rescue workers tried to get Jericho to the animal trauma hospital but when they tried to lift him, Jefe became frantic.   “It was then clear that the two were extremely bonded and would have to be adopted together,” Goebel explained.

Arizona Humane Society

Thankfully, due to the medical attention that Jericho received, he is going to make it. He is already showing signs of improvement.  Through it all, Jefe has stayed close enough to touch his friend Jericho.  Jefe finds a way to either lay on top of Jericho or lean against him.

It’s hard to know if Jericho would have survived had he not had Jefe by his side.  These two are so tightly bonded that they will need to be adopted out together.

Arizona Humane Society

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