Chimp Chained To Tree, Left To Starve, Watch Her Reaction When This Man Saves Her Life

Chimpanzees are usually found in large communities but this poor chimp was living with a chain around her neck and limited space to move.  Leila was living in a private park in Huambo, Angola when John Grobler, a journalist,  decided to help the four and half-year-old chimp by asking the local people about Leila.

Grobler found out that Leila was living in a cage, but she had destroyed it and then was chained outside to a tree.  The chimp had no shelter from the elements, except a nearby table.  Chimps are resourceful and in the wild are known to make tools and weapons.  In a hollow of the tree, she had made herself a bed.

Gobler found out that Leila had been living in the park since she was a baby.  Many of the local people believed her mother was killed for bushmeat.   She was begging for her food from visitors in the park.  Her diet consisted of fried chicken, french fries and usually whiskey or beer.

After seeing and hearing all these terrible things, the journalist wasn’t leaving until Leila was safe.

He brought her healthy snack that the two would share apples, tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables.

The Rescue

With some help, he finally raised the money to rescue Leila.  This chimp was so grateful that she gave him a huge hug and never wanted to let go.  If you think no animal should be treated like this share with a friend.

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