Circus Acts Are A Thing Of The Past, There's A Good Reason Too Some People May Never Know

The circus has been a form of entertainment for decades. Families of all types have gone and enjoyed the various skits in the circus to get a good laugh. What these people do not know is what goes on behind the scene. After the show, many animals in the circus are treated very poorly. The countless forms of abuse unfold behind the scenes. Once the circus ends animals are not fed, caged in tiny cages, and sometimes even beaten. Although it is illegal, this cruelty still, sadly, goes on.

The kind Animal Defenders International rescued Pancho and Temuco, two brother lions. The pair were treated awfully while living with a circus in Bolivia. Once the two brothers were rescued from the tiny cages they were living in, they were taken to a sanctuary. Before getting there they were absolutely starved and beyond thirsty. 

When they arrived back to the rescue, they were fed and treated immediately. The hope was that the Animal Defenders International would release the two back into the wild when they were healthy enough. After a few days, the lions began to play with each other because they knew that they were safe. The sight was amazing considering where they came from.

Now the brothers live in Colorado. They live in a sanctuary where they can run around and play. Thanks to the Animal Defenders International they live a very nice life. Although the pair did not eat a lot previously, now they are fed all the time. Life turned around for Pancho and Temuco. No longer will the circus control their lives’ anymore.

Make sure to like and share this post with friends. Also think twice before you pay for a ticket to the circus! Animals do not deserve to be treated badly!

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