Circus Bear Is Abused For 20 Years, They Step In And Make A Disturbing Discovery

Most zoos and rescues across the globe strive to make sure their animals receive the best life has to offer.  That isn’t always the case.

The circus life is no life for many animals.  As you may already know, many animals live in tiny cages, deplorable conditions, beaten and starved for their entire lives.  Unfortunately, this becomes all they know.

Meet Cholita, she spent twenty years in a cage, locked up not able to run.  When rescuers arrived they discovered that she was abused in terrible ways by her owner.  They had removed her toes (in an effort to protect themselves from her claws ) and she lost nearly all of her fur from the stress.  She didn’t even look like a bear she looked more like an animal from a sci-fi movie.

Thanks to the rescuers she now knows a whole different life.  Now Cholita can enjoy life running, eating, swimming, playing and she even has some playmates. She has a special blanket she can sleep on as well as plenty of her favorite foods.

To see the entire rescue watch the video below.  Don’t forget to SHARE this story with all your friends so that this type of abuse can be stopped.

Here is Cholita’s freedom story!

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