10+ Clever “Beware Of Dog” Signs That Will Make You Smile Today


If you have a dog or dogs, you may already have a sign up telling people to beware of your canine. It makes sense to warn people ahead of time so that no one gets surprised. In days gone by a simple “Beware Of The Dog” sign was enough to let people know about the presence of your dog. But nowadays people have gotten way more creative. Take a look at some of the dog signs below. They will surely make you smile.


This one gets right to the point. No sense beating around the bush.


Source: Etsy

You know who you are that needs a sign like this. Let’s be honest folks.


Source: BroMyGod

And an awfully cute one too! Or at least the little we can see of this pup is adorable.


Source: Etsy

If there is a dog and a knock, there is most certainly going to be some barking.


Source: Etsy

Let’s hear it from the cat owners. You know this is true.


Source: Etsy

Does anyone else have a sassy dog?


Source: Etsy

Dogs have a way of persuading people.


Source: Etsy

There is a lot of truth behind this rule. Good advice! Dogs usually know best.


Source: Etsy

Do you need any more evidence? Definitely beware of this dog.


Source: Dogtime

Make sure to wear your running shoes before ringing this doorbell.


Source: Etsy

This one is absolutely adorable! Watch out for the small ones.


Source: The Chive

Good advice and on a pretty stone sign too.


Source: My Funny Pics

Parents, you know this is true.


Source: Etsy

Watch out for those ankle-biters. Don’t let that cute face fool you.


Source: Indulgy

Did you find any signs that you’d like to use at your place? Make sure to share this with your dog-loving friends. They may be inspired to put up a dog sign or two at their house.

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