Sled Dogs live for the race, but huge industry sponsors pulls their sponsorship last minute

Over many years Coca-Cola has supported the Iditarod race in sponsorship. This race takes place in Alaska over extreme terrain and bitter temperatures. Sled dogs are the source of movement. Because the Iditarod race is so controversial, Coca-Cola knew they could no longer sponsor it.

But Coca-Cola is not the only sponsor who recently left. Others such as Costco, Jack Daniel’s, Maxwell House, State Farm, and Wells Fargo Dogs also pulled their sponsorship. Many animal activists protest this race. So major companies do not want to be under fire for supporting what some believe to be animal cruelty.

It is quite obvious how dangerous this race can be for dogs. Since 1973, over 150 dogs have died due to the harsh race elements. A lot of people would disagree with this. But others believe that the Iditarod race is an industry.

The director of the race comments,

“Dogs in many commercial dog sled companies are continually tethered to a chain and euthanized when they’re deemed no longer useful.”

He also adds,

“Dog sledding is an industry. Industries exist to generate revenue. The dogs are managed as assets that generate the revenue.”

Although these poor dogs have to go 1,000 miles to win a race, there are people fighting for their rights. Unfortunately, sled dogs are considered to be livestock. This means they have fewer rights than a normal dog would. Legally, these poor pups can be chained and raced whenever the industry wishes to do so.

Many animal activists disagree with this harsh race. Because they are making it known to the world that animal racing is not okay, big companies like Coca-Cola realize they should not sponsor them.

Down the road, hopefully, this industry does not grow. We want to help sled dogs because they are suffering. Please share this post with friends and like us on Facebook! Let’s help the sled dogs!

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