Cocky Cockatoo Barks Like A Dog Confusing Its Owner, ROTFL

Emerging from the internet, a strange video shows a cockatoo barking as if it were a dog. Not just sounding like the dog, it also bucks its head while barking. So funny!

For different reasons, parrots mimic the sounds they hear around them. Their skills show they can learn how to behave like others. Mimicry also displays neural functions such as good hearing, memory, muscle control, and sound production.

Although there is a huge variety of sounds mimicked by the parrot, a dog’s bark has got to be one of the strangest. Only animal science can explain why this bird acts and sounds like a dog!

Belonging to a medium-sized parrot family, this parrot has been taught to vocalize with a loud, obnoxious squawk. Cockatoos, like other parrots, can recreate any sound they hear often in their environment.

This barking bird must be hanging out with a lot of dogs.

Watch Cookie try and trick his owner into thinking there is a dog in the house. It is absolutely hilarious!

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