Coffee Shop Baristas Are Making Latte's That Look Just Like Customers Pets, So Cute

There is a coffee shop that is taking coffee art to the next level.  You may have seen talented baristas take sweet foam.  But have you ever seen them turn it into cute images?

And to make it even more special they are taking people’s pet photos and duplicating them in the foam. The results are stunning.  The resemblances are incredible.

Look at this cute little white dog wearing a bandana.  The photo was submitted by a customer.

Check out the finished results!

Or how about this cute pup?

FInished Latte’!  The 3D aspect of these is stunning.

And Dogs Aren’t the Only Ones

Check out this colorful parrot.

Or how about this beautiful cockroach?  This may not be your cup of tea, or should I say latte, but it’s still pretty cool!  The cockroaches are in one of their most requested lattes.

The incredible thing about these creations are that they are hand created.  Some coffee shops have invested a lot of money into machines that create the images.  However this is not so for My Cofi shop. Each latte is a unique creation made by talented barista artists.

My Cofi Shop serves breakfast items too.  However, I bet you can guess what their most popular items are.  But before you get on the next plane with your pet’s photo, you must know that they only do these portraits for special occasions. Each day artists there are making some works of art, but unfortunately, they can’t make them for each customer. Thanks for the internet though you can enjoy the finished results here.

Look at these adorable kitties. Could you drink this with these cuties looking up at you?

If these works of edible art are as stunning to you as they are to me, you can visit their Facebook page here to see more photos. SHARE now with FRIENDS that would love these fancy drinks.

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