Company recalls raw dog food — Wrong company accidentally blamed


Recently, an article about pet food was extremely incorrect. The article reported a recall from Natural Instinct. In the article, there was a recall on wild venison. Later the article displayed raw venison from the wrong company, Natural Instincts Speciality Raw Pet Food. This company is known for safely creating raw food for pets. By the article displaying the wrong image, it made Natural Instincts Speciality Raw Pet Food seem like it was getting the recall.


After seeing the incorrect article, the company states,


“All meat used in Natural Instincts products is human grade and non-medicated.”

Unfortunately, people who saw this were misinformed. Although the company did make a statement, we wanted to reiterate it for those who have not seen it.


After finding out about the recall, several places were informed. Most of the companies’ products are sold in Canada, more specifically, British Columbia and Alberta.


As a website that supports animals and pets, we always want to keep our readers informed. So, please take the time to look at your pet’s food and make sure it is not recalled. Being a responsible pet parent includes monitoring your pet’s food.


When looking for food to feed your dog or cats, choose a brand with a good reputation. Our pets’ health depends on the nutrients in their food. So choose wisely when picking for your dog or cat.


Another important factor in picking your pets’ foods is checking past recalls. If a company has many recalls, you may want to reconsider. Do not feed your pets anything you would not eat.


Lastly, do your research. Animals deserve the same treatment as humans. If you find any red flags during the process, do not feed that product to your pet. Recalls are significant red flags. Do research for your loving pets!

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