Dad takes puppy’s favorite toy, but he won’t leave the toy for a minute

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Humans are known for having belongings that are special to them. It may be an heirloom vase or something perfect for the house that you found at a garage sale. Or maybe it was a gift made by a child or someone special. Well, dogs often have a special object too that they hold dear to their hearts. For one golden-doodle named Leo, that something special is a stuffed animal that he carries with him everywhere. All was well and good until one day Leo’s stuffed animal got ripped. Let’s take a look at how his human family saved the day.



Leo was playing with his stuffed toy one day when he accidentally ripped a hole into it. He appeared very concerned when this happened. “It is his favorite toy,” Hayley Alaxanian, Leo’s owner explained.



Alaxanian’s saw what happened and how devasted Leo was. Without hesitation, Alaxanian’s father sprang into action to fix his stuffed toy. “[My dad] took the toy away from him and put it away, so he couldn’t reach it, but he was crying and trying to reach for it,” Alaxanian recalled. “That’s when my dad decided to get his sewing kit out and started sewing it back together.”



Leo Watched As His Toy Was Sewn Back Together


Leo watched intensely as his toy went through the repair operation. When the toy was repaired and given back to him, Leo examined it and then ran off with it to show his Labrador brother Rowan. Alaxanian was happy to. She enjoyed seeing her furbaby all excited. “It is the sweetest thing ever,” Alaxanian said.



Take a look at the following video of Leo watching his toy be fixed. The way he watches the needle sewing in and out, and how he coaxes on Alaxanian’s father is absolutely adorable. Enjoy! Then if you want to see more of Leo and his labrador brother Rowan, you might want to follow them on Instagram.





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