Confused Cat Wonders Why Baby Keeps Trying To Use HIS Chair


Many pet parents can relate to the experience of bringing a new baby into the family. For dog and cat owners that means that the pets need to adjust to the new baby brother or sister entering their territory. For one cat named Flynn, he wasn’t so ready to take a back seat to the new baby, just yet. Thanks to his loving human mom, maybe he never will have to.


Rachel Franzen

“Flynn became really protective and cuddly,” Flynn’s human mom Rachel Franzen said. “He began following me around the house.” Flynn seemed to know that something amazing was about to happen. That someone special was about to enter his family’s life.


Rachel Franzen

From the first time that Franzen brought her baby Rory home, Flynn seemed to fall in love with his human brother. He also especially loves that Rory seemed to arrive with new toys just for him.


Rachel Franzen

In Flynn’s Eyes, The Baby Bouncer Is For Him.


Flynn especially liked Rory’s new baby bouncer. In fact, Flynn may have believed that the bouncer was just for him. “Flynn is in the bouncer every morning,” Franzen said. “He definitely thinks it’s his. He will sit in it and roll upside down and want to have his tummy rubbed. It’s his ‘after breakfast’ sleep spot.”


Rachel Franzen

Franzen put the bouncer in the bathroom so that she can keep a close eye on her new baby boy while she is getting ready for the day in the mornings. But often before she puts Rory in the bouncer, Flynn is already curled up in the chair.


Rachel Franzen

“Flynn loves Rory, so he licked Rory’s hand and then started grooming himself,” Franzen explained. “By the time I got my phone to take pictures, he just stared at me and at Rory. If I hadn’t moved Rory, Flynn would have stayed like that all day.”


Rachel Franzen

Rory and Flynn seemed to have hit it off as great friends who are happy to share the same spaces. Kudos to this human mom who has fostered such a loving environment for both Flynn and Rory.

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