She Was Confused When Her Dog Takes Off, But What Dog Digs Up Makes Her Heart Drop

Lassie was able to find Timmy in a well or in a cave, miles away.  But did you ever wonder how that was possible?   A dog’s nose is so sensitive that service dogs are even being trained (by using smell) to help detect blood sugar levels in diabetic persons.  Dogs have 18 muscles in their ears allowing them to move them in the direction of the sound.  Perked ear dogs (such as German Shepherds) usually have better hearing than floppy ear dogs.  Some may say it’s dog’s sixth sense and this instinct can mean the difference between life and death.

In this amazing story from China where a dog became the hero.

During a walk, the owner stated that the dog bolted into the nearby wooded area.  Of course, ran after the dog and discovered him stopped in the bushes.  The dog had either smelled or heard something because it was digging frantically.  No one could have dreamed of what they were about to find.

Lying at the bottom the newly dug hole was an infant baby buried alive.   The baby was quickly taken to the hospital where they discovered him to be about a month old and suffering from a serious illness.  He had low body temp, pale skin, a low heart rate and his mouth was full of mud.

Due to the baby’s condition, the parents may have assumed he was dead and private funerals are relatively common in areas of China.

The baby is getting stronger every day but isn’t out of the woods yet. Luckily this dog stepped up to assist in finding him and helping to him get on the road to recovery.

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