Confused Why No One Wanted Him, Sweet Dog Cries At The Shelter


Everything was going well for Ritter until his family lost their home. Then he and his dog sibling, Corky were taken to the shelter. There simply was nowhere else for them to go. The Humane Society For Hamilton County in Indiana took in both dogs. They quickly found that Ritter was taking the loss of his home very hard.


Humane Society for Hamilton County

Megan Bousley, the marketing communications specialist for the Humane Society for Hamilton County explained what some dogs like Ritter go through when they are surrendered. “As many dogs are, he was petrified, nervous and heartbroken. They don’t understand where their family went and are confused and frightened by the new, loud environment,” Bousley said.


Humane Society for Hamilton County

Whenever Ritter was alone in this kennel he would press up against the wall and stare down. It was a sad sight for the staff at the shelter to witness. As much as they tried to make him feel loved, he was mourning the loss of his family and home.


But Ritter was only acting sad in his kennel. When he got out of it, he appeared much happier. “He’s gotten a lot of love and attention from staff,” Bousley said. “While he’s reserved and nervous in his kennel, he’s full of joy outside, just wanting to play and be loved.”


Humane Society for Hamilton County

Ritter’s photo was posted on Facebook. It did not take long for people to start inquiring about him. The post was shared over 3,000 times.


Spenia Knew Ritter Was The One


Sophie Spenia saw the post and knew he was the one. She had just purchased her first home and had been checking the Humane Society for Hamilton County’s website every morning.


Humane Society for Hamilton County

“When I saw Ritter’s picture and description go up at 6 a.m. one morning, I immediately texted my sister and said we had to go bust him outta there right after work,” Spenia said. “Two hours later, my sister texted me the Facebook post that she noticed was going viral. So I told my boss the situation and he told me to clock out and get over to the shelter! He’s a dog lover, too.”


Humane Society for Hamilton County

The rest as the saying goes is history. In summary, the two hit it off and have started their life as a forever family.


Sophie Spenia

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