Cops Find Dying Puppy On Side Of Road Her Cage Full Of Urine, It's Heartbreaking

Being a cop is not an easy job; they see the good, bad, and everything in between. Often times, they have to brace themselves for what they are about to walk into. At a crime scene, anything is possible. Cops have to be the people to calm situations down and not respond badly.

But let us remember they are only human and they are affected by things just like anyone else. Some of the hardest scenes for anyone, not just cops, are those of animal abuse and cruelty.

When Texas PD’s Animal Cruelty Division got a call about  “a dead dog in a crate on the side of the road” they were apprehensive but they had to do their job.

When the team arrived on the scene, they noticed how busy the road was. One member walked towards the crate to see the horrific sight: a puppy, only skin and bones, on her deathbed. Around her were feces and urine, leading them to believe that the dying puppy had been in this crate for a long time.

They thought she was dead!

Eva Wagner, a first responder to this situation, truly believed the dog was dead until she saw her take a small breath. The starved puppy was indeed alive, but not well at all. Wagner and her team immediately got her out of her filthy living environment and took her to the local animal hospital. There they were clean her dirty fur and nursed her back to health. When Elizabeth Mancera, the nurse on duty, received the pup she commented,

“The day she came in was a tough day. She was not moving. She was barely breathing. She couldn’t stand.”

Sophie, which she was named later, got a nice long bath to ensure her warmth. She also needed a catheter because she couldn’t stand.  These little things ended up saving the dying puppy.

After helping her, Elizabeth slowly fell in love with Sophie. Elizabeth commented,

“She just kept looking at me, and I was just talking to her to let her know that we were here…When I called her Sophie, she looked at me, and that’s when I just knew she was going to be OK.”

That is when Elizabeth adopted the sweet boxer. Sophie needed a lot of attention because she could not stand up or go to the bathroom normally. So she needed a doggy diaper. This made Elizabeth the perfect parent for Sophie because she truly knew how to take care of a dog in need.

Now Sophie is doing amazing. She can walk and go to the bathroom. Not only is she a good pet, but an even better mascot for the Austin PD’s animal Cruelty division.

Sophie gets all the love in the world and could not have a better puppy parent! Send her the best wishes here!

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