Corgi Spots An Upset Stranger At The Airport And Goes To Comfort Him

It’s great to rescue a dog, but when that dog turns it around and rescues people, saving that dog’s life becomes even more meaningful.

Cora the Corgi found her new forever home in July of 2017. Last November, she turned 8. Her loving human, Madison Palm, saw an ad on Facebook advertising a free corgi for the first person to come and claim her, and took her lunch hour to go and see Cora.

From Rags…

When she got there, she found 20 vehicles broken down in the yard, bad smells, and dogs everywhere. When she first met Cora, Cora needed a bath, but her gentle nature won Madison over in minutes.

Cora’s previous owner never took her to the vet, and only got her first round of puppy vaccinations. She’d birthed 15 litters of puppies (move over, 101 Dalmatians), and the only food Cora ate were the scraps her previous owner threw into the yard. Cora’s ears were never cleaned, her teeth were never brushed, and baths were a figment of the imagination.

…To Riches…

Like all dogs, Cora deserved better. Madison took her home and gave her the richness of a loving human and forever home. She started with a bath. The water turned black, and Cora’s hair came out in matted clumps because of malnutrition.

Six months later, Madison is as in love with Cora as ever. She moved to a new home just to keep Cora the Corgi in her life, and she’s training her pup to be a therapy dog. “Cora’s personality is so amazing. She is a lover. Her gentle and kind nature never goes unnoticed,” Madison said.

…To Enriching Others’ Lives

One day, Madison and Cora were in the airport. Unfortunately, they missed their flight and had to contend with a six-hour layover in Seattle. Cora visited others waiting to board, and when she took a nap, Madison released her leash. That’s when Cora approached a man sitting nearby.

Cora went to comfort him and, when Madison asked if the gentleman was alright, he confided that he’d just lost his dog the night before. He pets her, took her picture, and she sat with him. “Who knew a dog who was unloved for seven and a half years could have so much love to give?” Madison said.

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Source: Love What Matters

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