Country Star, RaeLynn, Heartbroken Over The Loss Of Her Beloved Service Dog

No one is immune to the pain that is felt when a beloved dog dies. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are. The loss still stings just the same. For country singer, Raelynn, she has been mourning the loss of her dog, Jazz. And it hasn’t been easy.


Jazz was a 7-year-old German Shepherd who was trained to help the singer manage her Type 1 diabetes. The dog would wake Raelynn up if he detected a change in her blood sugar levels. Jazz was also a constant companion. He went on tour with Raelynn and accompanied her everywhere she went.

Jazz had been fighting cancer for the last year. He finally lost his battle to the terrible disease that claims so many human and dog lives too. “I’m broken hearted. I wish dogs could live forever,” Raelynn said.


Raelynn Announced The Sad News On Instagram

Raelynn broke the news to her fans, friends and family on Instagram. She posted,  “Today me and Josh lost our boy Jazz. Me and this Dog have traveled the world together. I’ve never felt so loved or protected by an animal in my life.” The post continued, “I’m gonna miss his kisses, sleeping by me at airports, walking with him and josh, getting woken up by him and Dolly, I’m gonna miss him never leaving my sight when he was with me but most of all I’m gonna miss his sweetheart and presence.”

Raelynn also posted many photos and a short video as a tribute to her special dog. “I am so proud of him and thankful that God picked me and Josh to be his parents on earth. I love you Jazz. You are my bud.” She added, “I will never not think about how amazing and special you were to me and Josh. I love you so so so much.” The singer went on to say, “I wish I could see your precious face one more time. I miss you so much.


Raelynn is helping the couple’s chihuahua named Dolly Parton cope with the loss of Jazz. The whole family is grieving together. Let’s keep Raelynn and her family in our prayers and hope that her and her family’s broken hearts will soon mend.

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