Couple Adopts Dog Without Meeting Her. When The Trailer Door Opens, They Lose It

When Tracy had a break from her normal day to day job she and her husband Scott started making road trips.  This was no ordinary road trip though instead of collecting postcards they collected unwanted dogs.

The couple would help relocate these unwanted dogs from Texas kill shelters to other states that weren’t as full.

This small idea quickly went viral….

This quickly began their amazing company, Tracy’s Dogs. Tracy’s Dogs together with animal stores across the country have helped place dogs from kill shelters with forever homes.  These 30 dogs aren’t the only ones saved.  The 30 spots that are opened due to their adoption are saving more dogs from their deaths.  There have been over three thousand dogs saved.

Every month, after going through an application process, matching the right dogs to perfect owners, Scott loads the lucky pups into his specialized trailer and takes them to PetSmart parking lot.  Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and Florida are usually where they take the dogs.

The video below captures many families meeting their new member for the very first time.  I hope you have your tissues ready for this heartwarming video.

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