Couple Brings 2 Homeless Dogs Back From Caribbean – They Are Shocked When Both Give Birth

Jennifer and Kevin Boltz didn’t plan on adding two dogs to their family when they traveled to the Caribbean Island of St. Maarten for Jennifer’s 40th birthday. But when they bonded with two homeless dogs now named Coconut and Maisie they knew they had to bring them home. But a bigger surprise was about to happen when they got home from their trip.

YouTube/Fox31 Denver

First, bringing the dogs home was no easy task. In fact, Kevin made a second trip to St. Maarten to bring the duo back to their Colorado home. When Kevin and the dogs arrived back home, Jennifer and their two young children were thrilled to add the dogs to their family.

Very soon Coconut and Maisie began to gain weight. The Boltz Family assumed it was because the dogs now had access to food whenever they wanted it. But there was another reason that they were gaining weight.

A Double Surprise Happened For This Caring Family

Coconut soon delivered a very large litter of puppies. The Boltz Family was very surprised. Then just six days later, Maisie had her own litter of puppies. Jennifer, Kevin and the children were now parents to 17 puppies!

To help with the cost of raising puppies, the Boltz family set up a GoFundMe page. After all, there is the food needed for growing puppies, vet visits, vaccines, wormers and more.

Coconut and Maisie were surely blessed to be added to the Boltz Family right when they needed help the most. If they had stayed living homeless, they may have lost all of the puppies to starvation. Nursing mothers need a lot of nutrition and fresh water supply to produce that much milk for such large litters.

Watch the video below to see how this family grew from four to 23 in just a matter of weeks.

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