Couple On Cross Country Trip Stops For Gas, They Find Strange Dog Lying Next To The Pumps

Emily Trost and her boyfriend set out on the adventure of a lifetime, a 10-week road trip across America. Obviously, the couple saw tons of interesting things on the trip. However, the most interesting was a little dog at a gas stop in Montana.

They stopped at a rest stop for the normal stuff: refuel and grab snacks. Afterall, they needed an opportunity to stretch their legs after such a long car ride.

This became routine for them during their road trip, so they probably didn’t think much of it. When they came out of the gas station, they saw something they for sure weren’t expecting.

montana-1219875 The sad stray waited for them with hope in her heart they would rescue her.

Finding a little puppy lying in a parking lot did not happen often. The puppy’s owner was not in sight. Assuming the owner was inside, the couple went in and asked around.

“My boyfriend and I went around to others at the gas station asking if she was theirs. We also waited for her to see if somebody came out of the gas station store to claim her. Nobody did, and as we were waiting, we realized how dirty she was with thorns, twigs, and pricklies all caught in her long hair and our hearts broke for her.”

A local woman who often took care of strays stopped by to help them out. By surprise, she was familiar with this dog. She begged the couple to take the pup with them so that he could have a forever home.

She informed them the dog was a sweetheart and desperately needed a home. Though they were still unsure, the couple began to realize they wanted the dog.

They considered the idea of taking her to a rescue shelter on the way home because they weren’t really sure that they should take her home. But it wasn’t long before they were all in the car together and they immediately fell in love.

Since they finally made their decision, they gave the dog the name Montana after the state they found her in.

The puppy seemed so excited to be with them. In all reality, she probably thought it was too good to be true. It seemed the pup never had a real home. Regardless of her thoughts, she enjoyed the moment.

“The morning after we got her was the best,” Trost said. “She woke up in our tent and started crawling up to our heads, whimpering and giving us kisses. We could tell she was truly surprised that we were still there with her and that no human had probably ever stayed with her for that long.”

After the first couple days, the 7-month-old puppy became exhausted. Montana never had a safe place to sleep. Now that she did, she slept her days away.

After being with her for awhile, her true personality shined through. Montana became a ray of sunshine for their adventure. She would do anything with her humans. Montana loved hiking, swimming, and goofing around.


At the end of their trip, the family took the dog to meet the rest of her new family. She met the dogs Emily and her boyfriend already had. The dogs loved their new little sister. She went home to a family that had everything she could ever hope for.

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