Couple Decide To Use 6 Acres To Help Elderly Shelter Dogs, Response Is Over The Top

Shelter dogs have it rough as it is but for the shelter dogs that are old and have physical issues, their chances of getting adopted decrease dramatically.  One couple saw the need for a facility set up just for Senior dogs to live out their days in comfort.

Michelle and Jeff Allen started fostering dogs in 2010.  They both quickly realized the need for a home for sick and old dogs.  That’s when they started Monkey’s House.  The sanctuary is set up like a hospice. Seniors and terminally ill dogs can live out their lives in peace and love at the Monkey House.

“I saw that there were zero resources available to a dog that needed end-of-life care,” Michele Allen explained. “Like a lot of people involved in rescue, we always have the need to do all that we can for them.”

The couple was inspired to start this sanctuary on their 6-acre farm in New Jersey after taking in an “unadoptable” 15-year-old stray that they named Monkey. Monkey had a severe heart murmur. Monkey was able to live 17 more months with the Allens.

Since first opening their doors they have taken in many dogs.  One of those dogs is both blind deaf. His name is Bullwinkle.  Though he weighs 80 pounds, he doesn’t seem to know he’s a big dog according to the Allens.  Michelle jokes. “He lays on the small dog beds, drinks from the little bowls and snuggles with the little dogs. He likes to stand over them, so he makes a good shelter.”

Final Goodbyes Are Hard But Peaceful

Though it’s always hard to say goodbye when a dog’s life ends, the Allens have no plans on stopping.  They continue to take the dogs on field trips and feed them the highest quality of food which includes getting them off store food and onto raw meat.

And what happens when it’s time to say their final goodbyes? “If they’re doing well and they’re in my arms as their eyes grow dull, I no longer feel the need to rush them to the vet,” Michelle said. “We’ve done everything that we could, and we want this to be the way they want. However they’re facing it, I want them to feel safe and loved.”

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