Couple Decided To Get Married At The Zoo — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

It seems like nowadays a lot of people enjoy getting married in the most exotic and exciting places they can find. Like this couple that decided they wanted to get married at the Minnesota Zoo, for example. Luckily for everyone they did, too. If they had just picked an ordinary spot, this Russian bear never would have gotten the chance to win the internet with this epic and hilarious photobomb.


Chris and Kristy Photography took the adorable photos, and they have gone absolutely viral. People just can’t get enough of the totally unimpressed look on the bear’s face. The photos, when you first glace, appear to be a typical wedding photo. A beautiful couple standing in a gorgeous location — a scene that would bring a smile to anyone’s face. Unless, of course, you happen to be a bear.

“The pictures were the photographer’s idea,” said the groom. “They said it was very fortunate to get a picture with one of the local denizens; the animals typically go in for mealtime when we’re allowed to wander prior to the ceremony. The Russian grizzly bear was the only one kind enough give [us] his blessing.”


So, perhaps “blessing” means something slightly different in Russia. This bear looks like he’s doing anything but giving the bride and groom his blessing.

Image from Chris and Kristy Photography Via Facebook

In the photo above, that bear actually looks shocked and confused about the whole thing. However, then it appears as though he changed his mind.

Image from Chris and Kristy Photography via Facebook

In the photo we just looked at, the bear now appears to be entirely grumpy and unimpressed with the whole affair. Check out the final shot, though, for the best one yet.

Image from Chris and Kristy Photography via Facebook

In the final shot, the bear looks like he is just over it entirely. It even looks like he has his arms crossed.


Bored Panda took the time and found some a few more hilarious animal photobombs.

Along with crazy location weddings — many people are also going out of their way to propose in a wacky fashion. Luckily for us, they capture some pretty hilarious photobombs when they get engaged near wildlife.

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Check out this adorable couple as he pops the question. Will she say yes?

Image from hayley_roll via Instagram


No worries, even in the wild animals are crashing the party. Check out these stunning photos.

Image from B.D.F.K Photography via Facebook

Not only do the people at B.D.F.K photography take some of the most gorgeous photos I have ever seen — they caught the cutest little photobomber ever in the process.

Image from B.D.F.K Photography via Facebook

And here are a few more, because we love these so much. Check out this cat. He doesn’t give a damn about any photo.


How about this super-curious Beluga whale?


If you decide to tie the knot around animals we only ask this. First, make sure you take as many photographs as possible and send them to us. Second, it’s probably best to avoid the penguins.


We hope you enjoyed our trip down photobomb lane. Do you have an epic story about an animal ruining your day? Let us know all about it in the comments.

Featured Image CC0 from toanmda via Pixabay

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