Couple Finds a Raccoon Running Wild They Can't Believe Their Eyes

A couple was awakened by a loud banging downstairs, terrified they went to investigate the noise.  When they walked down the stairs to their amazement, there was a raccoon running wild through the families home.

The animal was aggressively charging around the house, ripping through drawers, rummaging through handbags and scaring the family’s cat.  Eventually, he found a snack and slowed down.

The couple led the raccoon with food to a cat bed and when the animal started to relax they put a laundry basket over top of him. He quickly escaped from the basket.  In another attempt, the homeowners lured the scared animal into a cat cage.  There he remained until he was later released.

It unknown where the creature came from, but he is believed to have entered the house through the cat door.

If you ever encounter a raccoon here are some tips to handle the situation.

  • Stay calm- A panicked raccoon may cause more damage, so you’ll help the situation by staying calm.
  • Contain pets-  If you have a dog, close him in a room away from the raccoon. Try to move cats away from the raccoon as well.
  • Close Doors-If you can do so safely, close doors to other parts of the house.
  • Use Food-  Make a trail of marshmallows, cheese bits, or fig bars leading out an open door. Move quietly and slowly and try to nudge her back out the way she came in, by getting behind her then turning on a vacuum cleaner—she’ll run from the noise. Or walk behind her, banging a broom.
  • Open doors that lead outside-  You can also open windows.  A raccoon only concern is about getting back outside, which is helpful—you just need to show her the way!
  • Leave the room-  If possible wait quietly for the raccoon to escape.
  • If the raccoon doesn’t leave after you’ve tried for several hours.  Call your local animal control officer for assistance.
  • Never try to catch or directly handle a raccoon. A panicked and scared raccoon may be inclined to bite.

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