Couple finds the perfect pet to come live in their van


Although most cats are extremely independent, they still wish for love and affection. Being a part of a family can change a cats life tremendously. Millie a stray kitty living in Croatia knew she wanted to be in a family, so the brilliant cat found a way to be a part of one in a van.

Margaret and Ladi live a nomadic life traveling everywhere in their adorable van. One day the couple noticed a cat wander over towards their van. Margaret comments,

“We were immediately kind of captivated by her.”

At first, the couple thought it was best to keep her at her natural home. Later that day five hours away, they realized they wanted Milli to be a part of their family. She adds,

“It feels like she chose us! She immediately started getting comfortable in our van, exploring every drawer and surface. She’s got a huge personality but is very calm. I’d been considering a cat but it didn’t seem like much of a priority to seek out a pet while traveling.”

Once they picked her up where they met her they felt reassured. Being with Millie felt so natural for them. It was obvious that Millie felt the same way, especially on their travels. Margaret comments,

“She’s adjusted to our mode of travel so easily. What’s so special about traveling with Millie is that she’s changed very little about how we travel and how we live. That just shows how perfectly she fits into our puzzle. There’s always a way to bring the ones you love with you.”

Millie even goes on hikes with her small yet satisfying family. Please enjoy the video below!


Stray Kitten Won't Let Traveling Couple Leave Her Behind

Sometimes animals just choose to be part of your family ❤️️

The Dodo 发布于 2019年6月7日周五

 If you loved this story as much as we did please share! Also props to this family for living out of a van and following their dreams!

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