Couple Responds In A Humorous Way To Questions About Children, They Even Included The Dog

Jared and Chelsea Price who have been married for 5 years found a creative way to respond to the people who kept bugging them by asking when they were going to have kids.

Sometimes people really overstep their boundaries.  Jared and Chelsea Price were asked not once, but often by people the same question about when they were going to “start” a family.  Living in a small town, they know that not too much is kept private. The Prices got used to the questioning.  Until one day when a lady told Chelsea that she would never know love until she had her own child, that cut a little too deep.

Can You Know Love By Not Having A Child?

“I felt a little shamed, and it wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced something like that,” Price explained. “I talked about it with Jared, and we decided that to celebrate our five-year anniversary, we would have a photo shoot done, and it could be our tongue-in-cheek response to everyone who asks about future babies.”

The photo shoot, however, wouldn’t just include Jared and Chelsea.  Riley, their rescue dog would be the center of attention in their photo shoot.  This happy couple happens to know what it is like to feel love because they love Riley with all their hearts.

The shots chosen were the kind that couples take with their children.  Though the couple loves children, they are not planning on kids at this time.  They have their hearts and home filled with enough love for Riley as is easily seen here in the photos.

I love this idea.  You can definitely see that this home is not lacking in the love category.    Take a look some more of these adorable photos.

What do you think?  Do you think Jared and Chelsea haven’t experienced love yet?

And don’t forget to share if this made you smile. It might just put a smile on other couples bombarded with this same question.

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