Couple Is Carjacked, The Worst Is Their Dog Was Inside 3 Days Later They Get The News

Carolyn Hamilton and her husband Jeff never expected what was about to happen.  They were just about to take off in their truck when they had to run inside the house to say goodbye to the kids.  Their dog Albus was already in his crate in the truck when all of a sudden their vehicle was stolen right out of their driveway.

“We instantly called 911, and Truckee Police saturated the area. Truckee Police was dedicated to finding this dog,” Carolyn said.

The police used leads to locate the whereabouts of the truck.  They followed the truck as far as they could and had to stop around Reno, Nevada when it became too dangerous to continue the chase.

Carolyn and her husband were devastated as they hoped and waited.  Finally, after 3 days a call came in that their truck was found with Albus still inside in his crate.  Albus had gone for 3 days without water nor food, but thankfully he was alive and well.  When they got the news, they were elated.  “Immediately, every emotion ran through us,” Carolyn said.

Albus Is Home Safe and Sound

Carolyn said that though she was upset that her dog had to go through that, she thought about how this could have ended.  Three days without water in a vehicle could have easily meant death for Albus.  She also thought about all of the people who lost pets in the recent California wildfires. Instead of being angry she took on a different attitude.  “We tried to always compare our grief to the larger grief. And I think what happened is that we were able to just be a little more compassionate for people who experience loss.” Carolyn said.

Albus is now back home with his family.

The couple shared this video. As well as a photo of them with Albus and the police who helped to make this reunion possible.

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