Cowboy Brings His Horse to the Store, Customers Reactions Were Surprising

Some people enjoy bringing their pets with them to the store and everywhere else they go. Usually when people bring their pets with them places, they are able to be held in the hand or controlled by a leash. Here people bring larger animals with them wherever they go. How much larger you ask?

Horse sized.

Oklahoma has lots of farmland, and with farmland comes Cowboys. Even though we aren’t in the Wild Wild West stage anymore we still know a cowboy when we see one. When a Cowboy decided to go shopping at his local Tractor Supply store, he didn’t want to leave his horse in the parking lot, so he brought them inside with him. Customers reactions were great.

The horse owner was a full-on cowboy, wearing a hat, chaps, and of course cowboy boots. Robin Morris, a bystander, filmed the unlikely event in awe and put it on Facebook. Morris commented,

Only in Oklahoma! Gentlemen walks into tractor supply and says I’m a senior here to buy senior horse feed for my senior horse. Can he come in?

Once the manager of the store noticed the pair he did not seem to be bothered by the fact that there was a huge horse that walked into a store. After the store manager’s reaction was priceless,

Well technically our store sign on the front door does say all pets welcome must be on a leash! And a bridle is a leash for a horse!

The video shows the horse trotting around the store with his owner. Many people passing by were shocked by the size of the animal.  The horse was tell her the most of the shelves in the aisles. Make sure to watch this hilarious event on Facebook.

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