Cowboy volunteers ride to the rescue of horses and other animals from fire area

In Paradise, California there are still hundreds of people missing, and the cleanup is barely underway. However, thanks to a group of heroic California cowboys, a group of terrified horses is finally on their way home. The man at the head of the group is named Jerry Kirk, and he is one of the hero cowboy that keeps saving the day.


Mr. Kirk lives in Cottonwood in Shasta County, California. He has been rescuing animals since the Carr Fire broke out in Redding. After the Camp Fire devastated Paradise, he posted a message on Facebook offering to help. 

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It didn’t take long for people to call for help. Actually, the cowboys received well over 500 messages in a single day. 


So, even though he knew that he would never get to all those animals, Kirk and a few buddies grabbed some horse trailers. He worked with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and got permission to enter into the danger zone closed off to the public. 

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Hauling four horse trailers, the group didn’t get very far. After only a couple of miles, a woman flagged them down. She was from another rescue group and had just located an injured German Shepherd. She hoped the cowboys would have room for the burned pup.


Before long, though, the group arrived on the scene where a woman called and reported eight horses she had to leave behind. You see, most people were away at work when the fire struck. They had no choice and were blocked from their homes. 

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As they drove in past the charred remains of the woman’s house, hopes were not high that the horses survived. All around the cowboys, things were burned to the ground. Trees, cars, you name it, everything seemed utterly wiped out.


However, standing right there on what used to be the front lawn, were eight horses. The group of animals huddled together, and two had burns that required a vet. However, they are all going to be okay.

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The horses were scared, and a bit irritable, but the very capable cowboys got them loaded up as quickly as they could. 

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While this story had a happy ending, that’s not always the case for these hardened cowboys. Undaunted, though, Jerry explained to the reporter that, no, they were not done. 

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As the group drove off into the night to return the horses and find more in need, they passed the blackened husks of cars and homes. We aren’t hearing much anymore about the fire and the aftermath. However, until everyone and every animal is accounted for, we can’t forget people are working very hard to see everyone safe. 

Here at Animals Being Cute, we want to thank Jerry and the hero cowboys for saving countless precious lives. 

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