A Crate With Holes Was Opened After Weeks Of Sitting At An Airport: You Wont’ Believe What They Found

Millions of shipments fly across the world each year via plane. Usually, airports are very careful as to what goes on planes. If any package looks dangerous or bizarre it is protocol to have knowledge of what is inside the box. So when the Beruit airport came across a box with air holes in it, they knew they had to open it!

The package was shipped from Ukraine to Syria. Fortunately, it was checked just in time. When airport workers decided to open the shipment, they were shocked. Once they opened it they discovered three Siberian Tiger cubs. Even though the package wasn’t marked, that was not the airport’s main concern.

Inside the crate laid the three beautiful cubs. After uncovering the crate, the airport had realized how long the cubs had been in there a week. All of the cubs were much larger than the small box they were stuck inside. The conditions were also awful; the crate was covered in feces and urine. Airport employees had no idea how the Tigers managed to survive, especially without food, or water!

Almost immediately the cubs were given care. The airport called a Lebanon animal care facility, Animals Lebanon, for help. After only a few hours the cubs received all the medical care they needed. Along with getting food, the animals received vaccinations and a microchip. Without the treatment, the Tigers would not have survived.

Unfortunately, the owner of these Tigers has not been found. The airport does not know if this shipment was legal, but it was most likely illegal. The animal facility did not want to return the cubs anyway for safety reasons. Also, today there are only 500 Siberian Tigers left in the wild. It would be extremely risky to return them, especially because they are an endangered species.

Luckily the Tigers are safe now. If it were not for the airport checking the box, they would have died. Now there are three more known Siberian Tigers in the world, and that is something to smile about! Share this post with friends!!!

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