Crippled kitten instantly connects with foster mom despite their differences

Alaskan winters are no joke — especially if you are a three-week-old kitten who can’t use its legs. Such was the case for HarPURR, a motherless, crippled kitten someone found in their lawn. Luckily, rescuers located the little guy just in the nick of time.


We can’t be sure what happened to HarPURR, of course. However, the rescuers on the scene think that the young kitten’s injury must have happened during his birth.

Unfortunately, HarPURR’s mother couldn’t have cared for a special needs baby while trying to keep the other ones alive in the harsh Alaskan outdoors.

Sadly, HarPURR’s mother must have been forced to leave him behind.

Image from Shannon R. Basner via Facebook

Fortunately, HarPURR found his way to Shannon Basner. Shannon founded Alaska’s KAAAT’s, a rescue and advocacy organization in downtown Anchorage.


Shannon already shares her home with a gaggle of other rescued cats and dogs. So, she knew that HarPURR was going to need round-the-clock feeding, plush toys, and a four-legged foster mom.

Fortunately, Shannon’s been doing this quite a long time and already had the perfect foster mom picked out.

Image Screenshot from Love Meow via YouTube Video

Cinder is an Alaskan Husky who has already given birth to many litters of puppies. The sweet Husky spent most of her early life outside — so she’s familiar with what HarPURR just went through.


It turned out, Shannon’s instincts were correct. Cinder obviously missed having puppies of her own. The sweet dog’s maternal instincts kicked into high gear as soon as a needy baby came into the picture.

Image Screenshot from Love Meow via YouTube Video

Cinder and HarPURR bonded right away. The kitten would cozy up and purr beside his new mom and Cinder would respond by lovingly licking HarPURR’s fur.


Eventually, Shannon fitted HarPURR for his very own set of wheels.

Image Screenshot from Love Meow via YouTube Video

Usually, when an animal gains independence like HarPURR did with his new wheels, they grow apart from their foster moms.

Image Screenshot from Love Meow via YouTube Video

Well, we are here to tell you, that even with HarPURR’s newfound independence, he and Cinder are still the best of friends.

It seems that these two adorable best friends missed the memo about how dogs and cats are supposed to be mortal enemies.

Check out their video below:

Featured Image Screenshot from Love Meow via YouTube Video

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