Cross Country Team Takes Shelter Dogs For Run, The Finish Is Incredible

Coach Escobar was just looking for something new to do for practice with his cross country summer training program.

His idea….taking 14 high school runners to the local animal shelter and pairing them with 14 dogs.

I can only imagine all the eye rolls and huffing he received when he presented the idea, after all, they are teenagers.

The dogs need exercise and the teens need practice.  The shelter dogs just sit in cages, they are dogs they love to run.   It’s a win-win!

The team was a little more excited when they found out that the run would count as part of their community hours requirement.  Then when they saw the dogs they became even more enthusiastic.

“I wasn’t sure who was more excited,” he said, “the kids or the dogs.”

The team and pups left the shelter for a mile and half run.  Most finished by running but some needed a little help.

Meet Fred, who according to Josh, the runner handling him, just refused to run any further.

But Fred’s story has a happy ending.   After the run, Josh pleaded with his mom to allow their family to adopt him.

“He was just this little dog shivering in a metal cage,” Escobar said. “And now he’s at home with Josh and his family.”

So proud of these teens!  Check out the video below!

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