Cruel Owners Abandon Dog Outside His Former Home–Then Someone Finds Him

Imagine being a dog who’s all alone. All by yourself in the world with no one to love you because the family you knew has vanished. Every year 3.3 million dogs and 3.2 million cats wind up abandoned at animal shelters in the U.S., the ASPCA reports.

However, Raisin, a cute 11-pound dog wasn’t even afforded the kindness of being left at a shelter. No, his owners merely abandoned him outside his own home in a Texas neighborhood, where he waited for days and days beside the garage door, Doggiescare reports.

Image by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC via Facebook

Small Dog Left Out In The Cold To Fend For Himself

Fortunately, a kind neighbor fed Raisin, who’s a fuzzy, grey-black Schnauzer mix. While we can’t know what dogs think one has to wonder about how badly he missed his family and if he felt lonely and scared. His former owners quietly boarded up the house and left the little dog behind. When it was clear his family wasn’t coming back, the neighbor contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help, One Green Planet reports.

Image by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC via Facebook

But There’s A Happy Ending For This Sweet Dog

Rescue Dogs Rock took him to a veterinarian where he received a clean bill of health, and some kind person found it in their heart to adopt this fuzzy little guy. He has a happy home now, unlike 70 million homeless animals living on the nation’s streets. Statistics show there are five homeless animals for every homeless person in the U.S.

Only 10 Percent Of Pets In Shelters Are Spayed Or Neutered

Also, in a country where there are only 3,500 animal shelters, it’s easy to see how this can become a problem of epic proportions. In a period of just six years, one female dog who hasn’t been spayed and her puppies can result in 67,000 puppies. In cats, one unspayed female and her progeny can result in 420,000 kittens over a seven-year period.

Image by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC via Facebook

These numbers mean that shelters are crammed to the rafters with these poor animals, resulting in 2.7 million loving pets being put to death every year. That’s five out of every ten dogs and seven out of every ten cats. Or in other words about 80,000 pets every week.

If You Adopt A Dog, Forever Should Mean Just That

So while it’s extremely good news that little Raisin has found a home, it’s something responsible pet owners should think about. A pet isn’t garbage and shouldn’t be tossed away as if it is.

Featured image by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC via Facebook

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