Curly Hair Cats Take Over The Internet, Where They Came From Doesn't Matter I'm In Love

Introducing you to the Internet’s newest craze: curly haired cats!

The fad began when Twitter user @Meanplastic posted a picture of a cat with some impressive curls. The tweet exploded all over Twitter.

Many users pondered over how the kitten could get such curls. There are only four breeds of cats that have the beautiful fur: Selkirk Rex, LaPerm, Devon Rex, and Cornish Rex.

The kitten all over Twitter is most likely a Selkirk Rex.

Most likely the cat descends from the original Selkirk Rex, Miss Depesto. Miss Depesto along with her other siblings were born in a Montana shelter. Miss Depesto’s siblings had the typical straight fur, but she came out with curls like a sheep.

Jeri Livingston adopted the unique kitten. She decided to breed Miss Depesto with her other cat, a Persian cat. Miss Depesto’s gene was proved to be dominant when three of the little kittens came out with the curls. Her genes could live on. The cats adopted the nickname of “poodle cats.” The cats have curls and playful personalities.

Since the original post, Twitter users have been filling the feed with pictures of curly haired cats. These kittens came from a rescue cat and are now taking over the internet!

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